SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

April 17 - 21, 2016

Baltimore, Maryland

The leading global technical conferences, courses, and exhibition on sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies for defense, security, industry, and the environment.

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University Technology Showcase 2015

2016 University Technology Showcase

April 7, 2016

DoubleTree Hotel, 1111 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623

The University Technology Showcase allows industry professionals an exclusive chance to see a snapshot of work in optics, imaging, and photonics; energy and materials; biomedical technology; and IP being conducted by some of New York's leading universities.

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F3 Solutions Forum

Form, Fabricate and Finish (F3) Solutions Forum for Manufacturers

March 29, 2016, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Rochester Institute of Technology
CIMS Conference Center, 111 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623

This F3 Solution Forum is structured for companies that provide technology, equipment and knowledge in all areas of design and manufacturing metal, plastic, and optic components and products. This event is part of an ongoing series designed to strengthen NY’s manufacturing ecosystems by tightening the linkages between industry and resource providers. FuzeHub has partnered with RIT and HTR to serve the evolving needs of OEMs and suppliers and provide assistance to companies seeking to accelerate product commercialization and to help disseminate innovation and expertise across firms. 

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